Deux ex Machina

The god in this case being commerce, and the machine the retail stores.

But which one runs the other?



To the “vanishing point”, where all things converge.
Springtime in Adelaide.


Escape – but from what? The rat race? As someone once said, even if you win the race, you’re still a rat!

Found the fire escape quite by chance as we were on a leisurely stroll through springtime Adelaide.

Abandon Hope…



…all ye who enter herein. It’s a quote from Dante’s “Inferno” the first book in his “Divine Comedy” (Yes, I’ve read it) Supposedly it was written over the gate into the City of …Dis…I think.

Anyway, this might look like the wall outside a prison, but it is, in fact, the back wall of a pub in Grenfell Street! The site next door in under repair, hence the grill work.

Sunshine (at last)




Shining down a narrow sidestreet in Adelaide, the sun makes patterns in the architecture.

Summer will soon be here, with its burning glare, hot steering wheels, and soft asphalt. Still, I’m really over Winter – my feet will welcome the warmth, even if we complain about it!

Were it not folly…




A laneway – a sidestreet actually – between North Terrace and Rundle Mall, looking towards Pulteney Street.

Nearly all Adelaide’s streets are named after early Settlers, Governors, or other minor potentates who loomed large but briefly in our short history, leaving only faded memories on our streets. As Omar Khayyam said, “Abode their hour or two, then went their way.”